Since 1905, the Dias dos Xarope's manufacturing policy and commitment to quality has remained consistent, using only sugar cane as it's raw base material, thus eliminating the need for artificial sweeteners.

The history of Dias dos Xaropes lies in Maputo, formerly Lourenço Marques in Mozambique. At the beginning of the century, a sailor sold the formula for "Xaropes", Portuguese for "Syrups", for 100 "Shillings" to Mr. Dias, owner of a trading store next to the old Lourenço Marques Harbour.

Years later Mr. Dias decided to experiment, and in 1905 the first Xaropes manufacturing plant was opened in Maputo. The brand grew from strength to strength and over the years won numerous medals of quality at various International Expositions.

In 1988, a new manufacturing plant was opened in South Africa and has since then expanded dramatically to cope with increasing demand. The range now incorporates traditional cordial syrups, mixers and milkshake syrups, all of which are favourites in their own right, from domestic use to restaurants, as well as the liquor industry.

Savour the history of Dias dos Xaropes products, the superior tasting range of syrups since 1905.